Cassioli Srl

Cassioli Srl

Località Guardavalle 63, 53049 Torrita di Siena (SI) – Italy

AboutCassioli Srl

Cassioli designs and manufactures semi-automated or fully automatic systems controlled by specific software, capable of quickly performing all storage and goods-handling operations. From production to assembly, packaging and storage, Cassioli systems enable companies to speed up every step of their processes, for streamlined procedures and incredible savings in terms of time and costs. Many companies and multinationals have chosen Cassioli as official supplier of automation systems, with the goal of improving the efficiency of their production and distribution systems.

Over 75 years of business, our company has also expanded beyond national borders, with three production sites and commercial partners around the world.

Cassioli currently has five divisions:

  • Intralogistics Division 
  • ManufacturingDivision 
  • AirportDivision 
  • TireDivision 
  • ServiceDivision

Whenever it is necessary to transport or handle a finished product, semi-finished product, component kit or raw material with varying degrees of automation, Cassioli can offer the most suitable transport or storage system in terms of operational capacity, costs, safety and ergonomics.

Automated warehouses, assembly and serving lines, testing systems, automatic and laser-guided vehicles (AGV and LGV), RGV automatic systems, picking systems and robotic areas with viewing systems, as well as handling systems equipped with conveyors using rollers, chains, plates, belts or full belts. Able to rely on very broad yet highly specialised manufacturing activity, Cassioli can offer customers the most efficient solution depending on their specific requirements.


Cassioli was founded in 1943 in Torrita di Siena as a small artisan workshop


Across the different Cassioli offices, there are more than 300 employees, including blue-collar workers and office staff


With 5 company offices and 11 commercial partners, Cassioli is by the customers side wherever they are in the world


Cassioli has more than 500 customers and over 2000 automatic systems installed