Carrier Vibrating Equipment

Carrier Vibrating Equipment

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AboutCarrier Vibrating Equipment



Processing applications vary widely from industry to industry, each with a unique set of environmental and engineering challenges. That being said, Carrier’s successful application of vibratory technology—in diverse settings—has been a constant. Over our history, we have developed processing equipment to meet the unique needs of a broad range of industries, including chemicals, synthetics, foundry, glass, food, dairy, pharmaceuticals, explosives, wood, coal, metals, scrap, and recycling. Through innovation and a steadfast commitment to excellence, we have developed (and continue to grow) a diverse client base across all of the aforementioned industries.


Carrier’s purpose and employee charge is to design and fabricate innovative process machinery solutions that exceed customer expectations.

To accomplish this, we are committed to:

  • Seek ways to continuously improve the products and services offered to our customers;
  • Establish and review objectives necessary for our continual improvement effort;
  • Provide a safe, challenging, and rewarding work environment for our most important asset: our employee owners.


Vibranetics® was acquired in 1985 to broaden our equipment line to include dischargers, bins, and hoppers. Over the years, as the Carrier product line has grown, we have systematically integrated the best of Vibranetics’ technology and phased out equipment previously marketed under that brand.


Carrier is 100% employee-owned and led by a dynamic executive team consisting of talented individuals who have risen through our management structure. These leaders are able to draw from a deep well of vibratory process market experience and business acumen to successfully lead Carrier in the new global market.

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