Candor Industries Inc

Candor Industries Inc

125 Martin Ross Avenue Unit 9 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3J 2L9

AboutCandor Industries Inc

Candor is committed to giving supportive and accommodating service to our customers. We strive to push the envelope of PCB manufacturing using advanced technology. We achieve this by always going back to our streamlined manufacturing process mantra. Our R&D helps both our customers and the industry to a brighter future.

Our Story

Candor was created in 1999 to respond to 21st Century customers who need innovative solutions for complex technologies. As an inventor, the president of Candor, Yogen Patel, foresaw that standard manufacturing methods possessed limitations to achieving this goal. By inventing and developing certain technological advancements, Candor put itself in the forefront as a solution provider.

Candor is the only manufacturer in the world to have perfected a liquid photo-imageable resist (PiP) in electrolytic form, used for all our production. This allows for panel plating process, which in turn means a highly uniform surface copper distribution, excellent impedance matching results, landless via formation and superior fine line features. This process has replaced many undesirable products and chemistries from fabrication processes found in the majority of PCB shops around the world.

We can genuinely claim to be an “environment-friendlier” company since having completely eliminated the use of formaldehyde, EDTA, dry-film resists, ammonia-based etch chemistry and tin-lead resists and their associated by-products.