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BRUSH Group has a long and rich history serving power generation customers as an OEM of generation, control, and distribution products. While primarily known for supplying industry leading turbogenerators and power management systems, BRUSH also designs and manufactures transformers and switchgear of equally high quality.

The roots of the BRUSH Group date back to 1876 when Charles Francis Brush invented his first “electric dynamo” and shortly thereafter established the first company of his namesake the “Anglo-American BRUSH Electric Light Corporation,” in London, UK. In the U.S. a second company “Brush Electric Company” was established in 1880, which in 1891 became part of General Electric.

BRUSH in the UK experienced a series of integrations dating back to 1957 when the BRUSH companies were incorporated into the Hawker Siddeley Group under the new name of the Brush Electrical Engineering Company Limited. Ultimate Hawker Siddelely and by proxy BRUSH became part of FKI in 1996.

In 2000 the Dutch company Holec Machines and Apparaten was acquired to enhance BRUSH’s 4 pole turbo-generator product ranges, and in 2001 Škoda Elekricke Stroje was acquired from the main Škoda group to expand BRUSH’s 2-Pole capabilities. In 2008 Melrose plc, acquired FKI, which included the BRUSH product lines, and companies. In 2010 “Generator and Motors Services" located in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S. was acquired to extend OEM level service to the BRUSH installed base in the Americas region.

Today, the integrated companies operate as "One BRUSH" with competency centers for 2-Pole & 4-Pole generators, power management and control systems, transformers, switch gear, and OEM services. BRUSH serves the global power generation and distribution markets with a strong foundation of technical knowledge to support grassroots projects, capacity expansions, and drop-in-replacements. Please contact us today to discuss your electrical power needs.