British Encoder Products

British Encoder Products

33 Unit, Whitegate Ind. Est., LL13 8UG, Wrexham

AboutBritish Encoder Products

British Encoder Products Co. is the European Branch of the Encoder Products Group, a worldwide manufacturer of motion sensing and control devices serving the diverse needs of its global customers. We are a customer-driven company that is responsive in the areas of customer service and technical support.

For over 50 years the Encoder Products Group has responded to each customer's unique needs and concerns, we always have been and always will be dedicated to meeting or exceeding our customer's expectations. 

By combining performance, delivery and competitive pricing, we provide quality products and services to our customers to give them the best overall value for their money. An important goal of the Encoder Products Group is to establish long-lasting relationships with our customers. 

The Encoder Products Group strives to develop and maintain highly motivated employees who desire innovation excellence and challenging work. Our self-directed teams are trusted to serve the customer to the best of their ability. 

The purpose of the company is to meet or exceed our customer's expectations, listen to and respect their needs, and negotiate the best technical option, and pricing, for the customer's application. 

We are guided by the principles of 

  • Consensus Drive Teamwork 
  • Energetic and Enthusiastic Performance 
  • Honesty, Integrity and Trust 
  • High-Quality Workmanship 
  • Dedication to the Company's Mission  

We are the "Responsive People in Motion Control." 


Encoder Products Company Inc. (EPC), a leading designer and world-wide manufacturer of motion sensing devices, was founded in 1969, beginning operations with a small line of custom encoders (the original Cube series!). Today, almost 50 years later, EPC manufactures the most complete line of incremental and absolute shaft encoders in the industry, meeting the diverse needs of a wide range of global customers. EPC's core philosophy is that each and every customer deserves quality products, superior customer service, and expert support. Adherence to these principles has enabled EPC to achieve its goal of maintaining long-lasting customer relationships.


Inventors of the original Cube encoder, EPC has also been responsible for a large number of "firsts" in the encoder industry, including the first use of Opto-ASIC technology and the first use of flex mounting for hollow shaft encoders, to mention just two. These innovations have not only been widely imitated, but they have also often become industry standards. The Cube Series is just the beginning of EPC's full line of high-precision, rugged, reliable encoders available in all popular formats. The Round Series includes industry-standard sizes 15, 20, 25 and 58. The Thru-Bore Series provides a wide variety of through shaft configurations for a broad range of industrial and motor control applications. The Absolute Series provides accurate positioning information even in the event of power loss. In addition, EPC has developed many ingenious, unique custom encoders for a diverse group of corporate customers.


    • Produced the first "Cube" style of shaft encoder - now an industry standard.
    • Designed and introduced the first flex mount style coupling for hollow shaft encoders.
    • Was the first to offer 6000 lines of quadrature in a standard size 15 housing.
    • Is the only encoder company to offer "expedited" service on custom-built shaft encoders.
    • Designed and manufactured the first encoders to operate above 100° C temperature.
    • Produces the only encoders that offer internal mechanical isolation for extreme environments.
    • Always leads the industry in terms of length of product warranty.