Brevetti Stendalto S.p.A.

Brevetti Stendalto S.p.A.

Viale Gian Battista Stucchi, 66/8, 20900 Monza MB, Italy

AboutBrevetti Stendalto S.p.A.

In  1968, a winning idea changed the energy chain sector in which Brevetti Stendalto operates, the first company that made nylon energy chains, giving rise to a product that inspired all the companies that are competing with it today. The high-performance yellow pin chains are recognized and imitated around the world.Today, after almost  50 years of history and industrial development, Brevetti Stendalto is still the reference company in the sector, and with its range of products it is able to satisfy the most varied needs of the markets in which energy chains are used.Our customers findhigh quality of our products thanks to our ability to satisfy each of these with their own specific needs. The high quality of our products is highly appreciated by our customers.

With  four foreign branches , and close collaboration with qualified distributors, Brevetti Stendalto is able to ensure the availability of its products all over the world , and an efficient and timely assistance service , which can always count on the technical advice of the headquarters. of Monza.Despite its growing success, Brevetti Stendalto remains a company in which attention to the needs of customers and the willingness to accompany them in their challenges is a priority over the budgetary logic typical of multinational companies.

BY RANGE OF PRODUCTS AND PERFORMANCEBrevetti Stendalto annually invests a substantial part of its revenues in research and development and in process innovation,introducing solutions thatoptimizeproducts andimprove their characteristics and performance. Thanks to this, it has kept up with the times and has been able to continue to meet the demands of an increasingly demanding industrial production.Our standard products are at the top of the category performance, and are developed and applied by leveraging on the longest world experience in energy chains.Designers and buildersknow that, by turning to us,they can count on a complete range of products,which includes cable-carrying chains in nylon and steel, sheaths, cables and connectors, which can be combined with each other in turnkey solutions that we call “ Total Chain ”.FOR SOLUTIONSIf your needs are not answered in one of our products in the catalog , or if you need to find a design solution and for this you need to consult with expert staff, Brevetti Stendalto is at your disposal.Our solutions are used in the aerospace and energy industries, from the medical field to waste treatment, from harbor cranes to offshore platforms.Often our customers need product and / or accessory customizations that meet their specific needs and / or allow for simple interfacing with their machines.With our forty years of experience, we are able to design and implement customized solutions, following you throughout the project phase and integrating our products into yours.