Brevetti Stendalto S.p.A.

Brevetti Stendalto S.p.A.

Viale Gian Battista Stucchi, 66/8, 20900 Monza MB, Italy

Total chain

Total chain

Just think about the technical advantages:

no more assembly times

only one supplier

a single technical guarantee on the whole project

simple and reliable

Think about savings:

no downtime waiting for the procurement of individual components

enough with the scraps or stocks to keep in stock

And finally, imagine what it means to have to deal with a single supplier, a single clear and complete quote and a single delivery. This is why with the new Brevetti Stendalto Total Chain chains not only does automation make a leap forward in rationality and efficiency, but you make ten in convenience. Whatever your application, Brevetti Stendalto Total Chain frees you from problems.

TECHNICAL SUPPORTThe Brevetti Stendalto Technical Office guarantees state-of-the-art technical support, with the latest generation tools and the professionalism of a trained team.

Technical consultancy in the pre-sale phase : thanks to the experience of our Application Engineers, we are able to support our customers starting from the design phase; the R&D department is always looking for innovative solutions.

Technical documentation : Our technicians use CAD systems (EPLAN) able to communicate directly with most of the technical drawing systems. We can provide constructive and functional technical drawings, datasheets and bills of materials.

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