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Bonitron offers accessories that enhance reliability and maximize uptime in drive-driven processes. In business for over 50 years, Bonitron solutions range from Overvoltage braking solutions, such as Braking Transistors, Resistors, and Line Regeneration, to Undervoltage Solutions, such as UPD Uninterruptible Power for Drives. Other solutions include Single and 3-Phase Power Supplies, as well as Portable Capacitor Formers. With thousands of engineered products under our belts and new solutions released regularly.

As always, ‘if you’ve got VFDs, you’ll need some of these!’


Bonitron began in Nashville, TN in 1962, when founder, Robert Benson, ventured away from his current job as an engineering professor at the well-respected Vanderbilt University. At that time, "Doc Benson" was involved with research for the government and ended up being sponsored on his own venture; Bonitron. Initially, Bonitron was involved exclusively with government-related work until a local company came in with a problem that Bonitron was able to solve. From there word spread that Bonitron was an industrial electronics "Problem Solver," and soon had evolved into an industrial electronics engineering company. Instead of developing a new product and then searching for a market, Bonitron decided to help customers create solutions to problems they currently had. This resulted in thousands of different products; the most popular of which have stuck around as Bonitron's core products.

Something that has made Bonitron unique over the years is its connection with dedicated employees. The marks of a successful company are derived from more than simply the bottom line. Nearly half of Bonitron's employees have been part of the Bonitron team for over a decade. In fact, over 10% have been involved for over 30 years, while a couple are approaching the half-century mark. One thing that continues today is Bonitron's dedication to its employees, customers, and its strong emphasis on quality.