Bold Laser Automation, Inc.

Bold Laser Automation, Inc.

27 Harvey Road Entrance 4, Bedford, NH 03110, United States

AboutBold Laser Automation, Inc.

Bold Laser Automation™ – We work closely with our customers, so they can benefit from the full potential of applied laser technology. Each of our customers has unique needs; our focus is to collaboratively deliver laser processing technology. Our customers bring tremendous value to the development process. Once involved, our customers learn how to enhance many other aspects of their product line. Our goal is to help customers impact the markets they serve and together, possibly change the world.

As engineers and technologists, Bold™ dedicates itself to the fundamental goal of seamlessly implementing laser technology to improve quality, speed, reliability, and repeatability of laser-based processes that our customers deploy into their production lines. 

Bold™ offers laser system design solutions that tailor the laser beam to meet the requirements for optimum material interaction to drive the highest quality, balanced against the fastest throughput. Through our inclusive customer interaction, Bold™ can deliver solutions to the most complex and demanding projects. At Bold™, we pride ourselves on our technological depth which ensures that we surpass customer’s expectations.

For over 30 years the founders of Bold Laser Automation™ have worked within the field of applied laser processing technology delivering production worthy tools for industry covering processes for drilling, thin film removal, micro-machining, micro welding, cutting and marking.