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BGB Innovation

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AboutBGB Innovation

BGB had previously been split into 3 divisions - BGB Innovation (UK Head Office), BGB Technology (USA) and BGB Discovery (R&D), and then further still with Engineering, Marine, Telemetry and SILS.  We have now merged all BGB brands to form one BGB.  This means whenever you see the BGB brand anywhere in the world you will have the same experience whether in terms of look, style and feel at shows through to customer service, solution offering or high level of expectation.

Manufacturing Capabilities

BGB's production capability has grown significantly since the addition of three major extensions.  The BGB UK site now has a factory floor area of approx 3,200m2.  We now have over 20 CNC machines including 2 high tolerance Citizen multiple access sliding head lathes.  These machines can reach tolerances of down to 2 microns (thinner than one tenth of a human hair).

Alongside our state-of-the-art CNC machines, one of BGB's other major strengths include our moulding capabilities that can complete 1 piece moulding up to 400mm diameter (anything larger would be made in a modular format).  Our unique moulding techniques allow us to keep a high quality finish and feel to all of our products across the 3 main industry brands, from slip rings and cage assemblies through to our Pisces range of underwater lights.

What Do We Do?:

"We develop, design and manufacture total engineering solutions for service companies, distributors and OEMs”

Why Do We Exist?:

"To connect, inspire and work closely together so that we are proud of our achievements, community and shared success."

Our behaviours are the foundation that underpin everything we do, without the correct behaviours and values a business has no soul or personality.  Our behaviours have taken a long time to understand and create, we have purposely taken our time to get them absolutely correct as we value their importance to drive the company forward as "one BGB". The behaviours of employees in the workplace have a direct correlation to the business' operations, and concurrently, its success.

Protect our environment of belonging

Be in it together & grow with the Company. Put the person, the health of the long-term relationship before money. Ask for help & be transparent. Respect & enjoy those you work with, share knowledge & learning from mistakes. Support those who fall. Leave a legacy for others to take forward. / Together 

How can I help?

Do not avoid the difficult conversation. Keep asking questions to find the underlying problem. Make the environment safe & do not judge the person nor their own ideas. Listen to understand & to build trust. Openly share opinions to find the best solution. / Vulnerable 

In your shoes

Imagine what it’s like to be in the position of your teammate, your customer. Empathise& think of oneself less. Carry a Celebrity Service mindset & believe that if you do well, I, we do well. / Empathise 

How do you take your tea?

Aim to please others & use your assessment of the situation when doing so. Bring a creative, personalised, can-do attitude. Offer flexibility and customisation to enable choice. Encourage & embrace feedback. / Personalise 

Right product, right time

Measure contribution to be able to gauge progress. Keep commitments & become trusted for delivering what’s needed, on time. Own your choices & make it happen. Collaborate & work toward common goals. / Accountable 

Thankless tasks

Be prepared to do the dirty, donkey work for the benefit of your teammates & the customer. Let pride in your work show through your everyday actions & place Team ego above that of your own. / Selfless