Axon Kabel GmbH

Axon Kabel GmbH

Hertichstr. 43 71229 LEONBERG GERMANY

AboutAxon Kabel GmbH

Axon’ Cable is a French group of over 1800 staff worldwide specialised in the design and manufacture of custom design interconnect including:

Wires and cables: the company is a specialist in the manufacture of high precision conductors and in the extrusion of fluoropolymers such as TEFLON®, PTFE, FEP and PFA.

  • Cable assemblies and harnesses.

  • Contacts and connectors.

  • Integrated systems.

The headquarters is located in the beautiful region of Champagne but the Axon' group has a truly global presence with sales and manufacturing subsidiaries along with an extensive network of agents.

Axon’ interconnect solutions are able to meet the most severe challenges including weight saving, space saving, miniaturisation, electromagnetic protection, severe environments, sterilization, biocompatibility and flexibility.

Axon’ products are designed to meet the requirements of high tech markets including aeronautics, automotive, electronics, energy, industry, medical, military, research, space.

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