Automation Products and Systems Ltd (APS)

Automation Products and Systems Ltd (APS)

Park Court, Sullivan's Way, Saint Helens WA9 5GZ, United Kingdom

AboutAutomation Products and Systems Ltd (APS)

We were fortunate enough to start with a strong customer base and it did not take long for us to establish ourselves as a serious company in the field of control and automation. Our customers have high standards and we know from experience that the control system is a fundamental feature of any machine. After all, this is where the operator works and so the quality and aesthetics of the control system can finish the look of the machine in a professional way.

However, this is not the whole story. There is also the issue of machine safety, of which the control system design is fundamental, and also the conformity to standards as laid down by the European Union. Automation Products and Systems Ltd take these issues seriously and are able to produce a certificate of conformity for every system it designs and builds. Safety is a very complicated issue (see our comprehensive guide) and many customers find the standards a bit of a minefield which they are tip toeing their way through. Automation Products and Systems Ltd can help in this matter as we have a lot of experience in this field.

Building and designing control systems would be of little benefit if the customer does not have the software experience to make the system work. Automation Products and Systems Ltd are happy to be able to offer a complete service which include PLC software, Motion control software, Visualisation software and drive parameter set up.

We are also flexible in what we can offer. Some of our customers ask us to assemble special cables and connectors with the result that we have shipped many thousands of components and can to date claim to have zero returns for this service. The reason for this is that we invested and built a special test system and we use this to test the product three times during the assembly. The last of these tests are while the packaging is already applied. This gives us the confidence that the assembly is secure.