Automated Packaging Systems, LLC 

Automated Packaging Systems, LLC 

10175 Philipp Parkway Streetsboro, OH 44241 USA

AboutAutomated Packaging Systems, LLC 

Garage to Global: Providing Total Packaging Solutions Since 1962

invention of the original Autobag® brand pre-opened bags-on-a-roll and bagging machines more than 50 years ago, Automated Packaging Systems has grown to serve customers in nearly every industry in every region of the world. Like many American success stories, our company was founded in a garage by a small group of innovators with the vision to see the potential in something as simple as a plastic bag. Today, it’s nearly impossible to browse the aisles of any retail store and not see products packaged in poly bags. 

Our founders, Hershey and Bernie Lerner (PMMI Hall of Fame c. 2012), along with the first Autobag sales rep, Art Gould, not only created a financially stable and continuously growing company, but also a workplace where thousands of employees  would have an opportunity to contribute, grow and learn. 

Our roster includes some of the hardest working and most creative people you’ll ever meet. We find solutions, and are accountable for making sure our customers reach the highest performance possible from their packaging operation. We work together to overcome constraints and achieve our goals. And we give back to our communities through charitable events and contributions.

Today, headquartered in Streetsboro, Ohio, Automated Packaging Systems is a global packaging supplier, with sales, service, and distribution offices located throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Australia, and more than 30,000 packaging systems in operation worldwide. With nine manufacturing plants, Automated Packaging Systems produces more bags-on-a-roll and bagging systems than all of its competitors combined. We have the industry's largest service network, and are committed to delivering world class customer satisfaction.

Our Mission, Vision and ValuesAutomated Packaging Systems is an employee-owned ESOP company with a culture that’s hard to find in 21st century business. Our founders are still active in the business every day, and the ethical, family-oriented, compassionate and fun-inspired values on which they built this company have become the foundation of our daily activities and interactions. 

Our MissionAs employee owners, we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing flexible packaging solutions, including machinery and materials, and to effectively serving our global customers.

Our VisionTo be a global market leader by creating innovative system solutions and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Provide a family culture where employees are appreciated, can grow, and will enjoy coming to work.

Our Values

  • Exceed customer expectations through exceptional quality and service
  • Foster innovation and drive continuous improvement
  • Act with integrity and ethics in all that we do
  • Promote performance with accountability
  • Maintain a team-oriented environment and treat each other with respect
  • Work safely and have fun

Our Products

Automated Packaging Systems specializes in a Total Systems Approach to packaging by combining high-quality bagging machines and system-matched, guaranteed-to-run bagging materials with expert customer service and support. We provide our global customers with the best solutions for their unique packaging needs.

Our product lines include:

Autobag® - The original, and still the industry benchmark against which all other bag packaging solutions are measured

SidePouch® - Innovative bagging systems with the flexibility to run regular poly bags and specialty bags, such as stand-up pouches, zipper closures, and more  

AirPouch® - World class protective packaging systems and on-demand materials

AutoSleeve – The most recognized name in stretch sleeve packaging

We manufacture a complete line of bagging machines, imprinters, counters, scales and conveyors, as well as custom engineered solutions. 

Our Services

We provide a comprehensive network of service and support professionals dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction, including:

  • Responsive customer service representatives
  • Dedicated custom engineering and integration services
  • Accomplished art and graphic design professionals
  • Expert applications technicians
  • Formal operator and maintenance training courses
  • Knowledgeable technical phone support engineers
  • Factory-direct field service engineers worldwide