25 Gatwick Rd, Bayswater North, Victoria, 3153, Australia


It started with a mini computer

In 1974, ANCA co-founders Pat Boland and Pat McCluskey bought a mini-computer to turn their passion into a business venture. Considered mini or small for the time, it was in fact as tall as them at a cost of $4,000 - which in ‘74 could buy an inner city apartment. Their basic idea was to replace the hardwired controls of the time with a standard computer. Adding the computer to NC thus CNC resulted in a much more powerful and flexible technology than the hardwired logic designs that were current at the time.Today ANCA is a thriving business with over 1,000 employees and a world leading manufacturer of CNC grinding machines, motion controls and sheet metal solutions. While the global headquarters remain located in Melbourne, Australia; due to the niche market we service, we export 99% of our products with customers in over 45 countries and offices in the UK, Germany, China, Thailand, India, Japan, Brazil and the USA as well as a comprehensive network of representatives and agents worldwide.

Our Values

At ANCA we strive to deliver on our goal of being number one in customer lifetime experience every single day.

Our Vision sets expectations for our global team to be an agile world class innovative technology provider. It is what we stand for,what we are passionate about and what sets us apart.Our Core Values of innovation, talent, teamwork, safety and customer focus are the foundation of who we are as an organisation and how we behave. They outline the characteristics our customers and stakeholders can expect from us and rely on.At the core of our success is our culture, our talent and our brand. Together, these unite us, set us apart and shape our reputationas one of the world leaders in our field.


To deliver customer satisfaction


To exercise integrity, creativity, and excellence in everything we do


To commit to achieving our goals through working together


To provide our people with a challenging, supportive and rewarding environment


To be vigilant about safety so that everyone returns home safety at the end of the working day

We Promise an End-to-End Focus on Innovation

We partner with our customers to create bespoke solutions, no matter what their challenge and invest almost 10% of our annual turnover on research and development so our customers always have access to market-leading technology. As a company we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, so that our customers are future-proofed. Our extensive global footprint means we service our customers with timely local support every time.


We collaborate with our customers to understand their needs


We invent the next generation of technology


We manufacture to the highest standard


We service our customers with a global network to enable them to run efficiently