Alpha Grainger Mfg, Inc.

Alpha Grainger Mfg, Inc.

20 Discovery Way, Franklin, MA 02038, United States

AboutAlpha Grainger Mfg, Inc.

Cutting Edge…Defined

Our screw machine legacy business technology dates to the 1800’s and our master craftsmen run custom modernized equipment for the highest production rates with superior quality. Just as the internal combustion engine has been refined and perfected, so have AGMI’s cam machines. With that same spirit of innovation, we continue to invest in the latest in machining technology available to the global marketplace. AGMI is a showcase of technology and innovation.

CNC Mill Turn Centers/Multi Spindle Screw Machines
We have some of the only INDEX machining centers available for the job shop market place in the USA as these machines are generally exclusive to high volume precision OEMs.

The cost of an INDEX platform is prohibitive for competitors to purchase and this gives us an edge in pricing with high speed and high tolerance manufacturing to pass on to you. Bottom line is we have simply the most accurate and fastest machines in the marketplace to reduce cost for our customers. Better parts, faster is the slogan for INDEX and we prove this every day!

Even our state-of-the-art machines are modified for faster production with custom tools and tool holders to add capability and increase versatility.

There are many advantages of mill turned produced parts to consider

  • Multi spindle machines produce a part in every cycle
  • No secondary chuck operations for high accuracy
  • Complex features match blueprint precisely
  • One and done…an industry saying for a streamline process

In House Tool Making
Our Saacke form tool grinders as well as our wire EDM capabilities support most of our tooling needs. We have no tooling charges for our customers and this vertical integration makes our process seamless and timely. In house tool making is one of our strongest features and gives AGMI a tremendous competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our engineering team uses Solid Works, Esprit, and Virtual Machine software. We can virtually machine parts to maximize cycle time and prove out tool path.