Albrecht Präzision GmbH & Co. KG

Albrecht Präzision GmbH & Co. KG

Antoniusstraße 25, 73249 Wernau (Neckar), Germany

AboutAlbrecht Präzision GmbH & Co. KG

June 1908. Josef Albrecht founds our company.

A triumphant advance began in a small precision engineering workshop that changed metalworking

in drilling and milling.

The young company moved into its first own production facility as early as 1917 . Esslingen, Stuttgart.

This is where drill chucks are made, which were already gaining international recognition back then.

And in 1932 the world's first keyless, self-locking drill chuck was

invented here. From then on, everyone could work without an extra spanner.

An invention that caught on everywhere in just a few years.

This spirit still defines us and our products today. We increase the performance of machine tools. Our APC precision chuck holds a special position worldwide. It made milling so much faster.

Speed, holding torque and damping enable a real head start in production. Ahead of others - matters to us. Welcome to this.