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Aircom Srl

Via Trattato di Maastricht, 13, 15067 Novi ligure AL, Italy

AboutAircom Srl

AIRCOM was founded in 1996 by Stefano Di Liberto, second generation in the design and production of pipes, fittings, and accessories in technopolymers and composites for pressurized fluids.

Marco, father of Stefano, founded FIP in 1953, the first company in Europe to develop fittings and valves made of polymers for pressurized fluids, both with mechanical junction and cold welding. All the currently existing fittings for ‘Blue pipes’ come from the fittings designed and developed at the end of the 60s by Plasson in Israel and by FIP in Italy.

Since 1996, AIRCOM has created and developed a series of complete ranges for the distribution of compressed air and other pressurized fluids: from the ‘Classic Line’, made of high-impact ductile technopolymer with cold welding junction technology, to the ‘Quick Line’, composed of aluminium pipe and aluminium or HIP (high impact) polymer fittings.

In 2005 AIRCOM became the designer and manufacturer, for Atlas Copco, of the AIRnet line.

Given the great success, Atlas decided, in 2012, to manufacture it independently.

All the new technologies designed and engineered by AIRCOM in the last 20 years have allowed our customers to improve the quality of their plants, to significantly reduce the cost of installations and future expansions, and last but not least, to significantly reduce both the cost of energy used for the production of compressed air and the related investments, with both economic and environmental benefits.

Nowadays, AIRCOM is focused on the continuous evolution and expansion of the product range to meet the needs of installers, and on the development of calculation and design software to further improve the plant design assistance in order to increase the benefits for our partners.

The future will be marked by a continuous process of extension of the product ranges and by an incredible development of all plant design and checking systems in order to further increase the benefits for our partners. A strong focus on energy saving and the reduction of installed power through the optimization of the transportation and distribution lines of compressed air will be at the centre of all our efforts.