aentron GmbH

aentron GmbH

Friedrichshafener Straße 7 82205 Gilching Germany

AboutAentron GmbH

aentron GmbH– based in Gilching near Munich – is a leading provider of lithium-ion batteries. The high-quality lithium-ion batteries are developed and produced in Germany. They are true all-rounders and are used for both industrial and private applications. Areas of application include E-Building (from home storage systems to large power storage systems), E-Mobility (refrigerated transport, driverless transport systems etc.), E-Industry (eg roboters and mobile pumping systems) and E-Maritime (from passenger ships to private electric motorboats). The systems are designed to withstand the most demanding conditions, both on land and sea.

Our Philosophy

The most important thing about our work is for us to meet the highest standards and to generate the greatest possible benefit for our customers.

We strive always to be open-minded and flexible in our work practices and technical solutions. We nurture a forward thinking development culture that is technically innovative and socially responsible.

Quality and assurance
State-of-the-art means that whatever we do today can always be done better tomorrow. We consult, coach, and guide our customers from the first idea to the final decommissioning of the product.

Believing that we are good, is not good enough, our customers must share our belief. We invest in high tech projects and products. Our customers should benefit from our successes and grow from our Solutions.

Efficiency is the watchword of today’s competitive and globalised economy. We develop, demonstrate, manufacture highly efficient and innovative electric powered technologies for marine, stationary power, and mobile industrial machines.