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Advanced Tooling Inc.

210 Kommer St, Mt Calvary, WI 53057, United States

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With over 40 CNC grinders,  ATI is able to produce A WIDE RANGE of precision, high performance tools economically.  We offer unmatched manufacturing versatility in the trade. We are able to manufacture any geometry required to maximize today’s high performance machine tools.

ATI can often provide product at 15 to 30% below its competitor’s prices.


From its very beginnings ATI has maintained a very high standard of quality.  ATI started and developed its business serving the very demanding mold and die industry in Wisconsin, where quality and repeatability were often the primary selection criteria.

ATI employs laser micrometers and a vision system to enhance its early metrology capabilities.   Two Walter Helicheck systems have been added to assure the conformity and consistency of complex tool geometries.

ATI has developed very close ties with its sources of supply for carbide rod, grinding wheels and coating services.

Customs / Specials

Tool geometries have become very complex and can employ a variety of attributes including variable helix angle, variable spaced flutes and variable rake angles.

A number of tool design features can be implemented to achieve chip-breaking for a given workpiece material and application.

Multi-flute routers for milling of composite materials often include low helix angles, up-down compression and reverse helix chipbreakers to efficiently shear fibers and shorten chip for improved chip removal.