Advanced Robotic Technology Pty. Ltd

Advanced Robotic Technology Pty. Ltd

57 Trade St, Lytton QLD 4178, Australia

AboutAdvanced Robotic Technology Pty. Ltd

ART came from humble beginnings as a home based business with only 3 hands-on partners designing, building and selling basic cnc cutting machines in 1997. Never content to settle for average, they continued to push the boundaries of performance and ease of use.

ART quickly expanded to become an international supplier of quality and state of the art CNC Router and Plasma profile machines. Now employing over 40 personnel, ART is developing machines with up-to-the-minute cutting technology locally and internationally. Having to move to larger purpose built premises to handle the increased workload, ART had one of its first 20 metre Routers in production before the roof was on. It is this dedication to efficient production and customer satisfaction that has kept ART at the top of its game.

ART is a world leader in CNC technology today. Our machines have enabled manufacturers to make drastic increases in their productivity. Manufactures ranging from ship and boat builders, cabinet makers, sheet metal workers, steel fabrication, plastic engineering as well as others, have been able to benefit from these products.