Additive Manufacturing Technologies Ltd.

Additive Manufacturing Technologies Ltd.

Tinsley Park, Airport Business Park, Unit N, Europa House, Sheffield S9 1XU, United Kingdom

AboutAdditive Manufacturing Technologies Ltd.

AMT is a 3D Printing technology company dedicated to unlocking 3D printing as a viable alternative to traditional manufacturing through its suite of post-production hardware.

PostPro, developed by AMT, is a digital post-production technology platform that automates the manual and costly steps associated with legacy additive 1.0 ‘low volume & prototyping’ post processing and enables functional ‘high-volume end-use parts’ production from 3D printers.​

PostPro allows companies to leverage the benefits of additive manufacturing at scale, by providing an order of magnitude improvement in part throughput, performance, quality, cost and safety.​

We continue to advance our leadership, disrupt industries, and transform our business to improve our profitability. Our goal is to be the global leader of 3D Printed Polymer Post Processing Solutions.