Adande Refrigeration Ltd

Adande Refrigeration Ltd

5 Pinbush Road, Lowestoft, NR33 7NL

AboutAdande Refrigeration Ltd

The founders of Adande are the inventors George Young and Ian Wood, who started out with an engineering consultancy in Suffolk specialising in industrial ventilation and air-conditioning for the oil and gas industry - hence Applied Design AND Engineering or ADANDE was born. Motivated by comments from oil rig chefs operating busy kitchens around the clock, Ian Wood and George Young put their engineering know-how into finding a way to maintain food quality, conserve energy and thereby reduce cost through more effective refrigeration. The simple premise, that when a fridge door is opened cold air falls out and hot air rushes in, creating condensation and reducing the shelf life of food, became an obvious challenge, crying out for a better solution; they just knew they had to come up with something completely different, and solve the problem!

In 2007, having successfully trialled a 4-drawer prototype in a number of restaurant and hotel kitchens, Adande launched its first ‘unitary’ model into the commercial refrigeration market.

This solution - now patent-protected globally - evolved into the award-winning modular unit that has now proven itself with top chefs everywhere, quick service restaurant chains, specialist kitchen house dealers, commercial kitchen architects and various niche applications in other market sectors as well.

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