Acal BFi

Acal BFi

Assar-Gabrielsson-Strasse 163128 Dietzenbach

AboutAcal BFi

We’re leaders in the development of custom technology solutions for electronic applications.

If you’re looking for a trusted design partner for the development of an electronic application, look no further. Our engineers and our approach will ensure we can solve your technical challenges with custom solutions that integrate multiple technologies.

We are driven to develop solutions that enhance our shared technological future

Our purpose is clear. As our reliance on continually advancing technological capabilities increases in key markets, our need for custom solutions that enhance electronic applications is paramount.

Focusing on markets such as renewable energy, transportation, medical, as well as the industrial and connectivity sectors, we are supporting our customers as they look to solve the technical challenges of tomorrow by developing an enhanced technological future today.

Our people are our business

Without our people we are nothing. The solutions we develop for our customers rely on the engineers that work tirelessly to understand the challenges before identifying, testing, and manufacturing solutions. But their success is laid by the many others that work for us. From those working with our strategic partners and manufacturing integrated systems, to those managing supply chains and quality management services, or managing the day-to-day operations, together, our people are vital to developing solutions for any requirements.

An international presence

Our business supports original equipment manufacturers, research institutes, enterprises, and government agencies internationally. It’s therefore vital that we can serve these organisations locally and we operate in 12 countries throughout Europe, with logistics centres in Germany, UK, and Hong Kong. Each country has its own dedicated salesforce and technical support teams.

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