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We are a team of people in constant growth and continuous improvement, with solid ethical values ​​and with a fundamental objective: To ensure our technical solvency in industrial automation and quality in all our operations.

3R Engineering SAC was born to rise to this challenge. Our portfolio of Products, Solutions and Services fit into the entire Industrial Automation pyramid. Our human group is made up of professionals with extensive experience and knowledge acquired by 15 years of teamwork in the main industrial areas, we have strategic partners on a global scale who trust us for our technical capacity and solid market knowledge. Consequently, we are prepared to take on our clients' challenges as our own with integrity, innovation and a high sense of commitment.

We firmly believe that the personal and professional growth of our collaborators are the key to business success, so continuous training for the development of soft skills and the improvement of professional skills are an essential part of our growth pillars.


Solve the industrial automation needs of each of our clients with the solid support of leading manufacturers and business partners in the global market.


To become a leading organization in industrial automation, focusing on developing solutions that ensure good operational and business practices with the purpose of building a solid circle of trust with each of our customers and business partners.


HONESTY:To build solid business relationships.

COMMITMENT:With each of the challenges that our operations and clients demand.

KNOWLEDGE:That allows us to understand how to solve the needs of our customers.

Target Markets

  • Energy & Hydrocarbons
  • Mining
  • Food drinks
  • Industry
  • Sanitation


  • Supply of measurement instruments for process variables and analytical variables, sensors for automation, automatic valves, control solutions based on controllers or PLCs, platforms for monitoring and diagnostics of industrial communications and solutions for monitoring
  • Field survey to propose solutions and improvements in measuring instruments, control valves and automation equipment.
  • Supplyof custody transfer metering units for gases and liquids, including the detailed engineering phase, construction and commissioning
  • Design of wireless solutions for automation, including design of
  • Supply of digitization solutions based on IIoT and Industry 0 technologies.
  • Supply of field bus integration and infrastructure solutions, including engineering design of