4 Acol Court, Acol Road, London NW6 3AE, United Kingdom


3Dealise is a 3D engineering, 3D printing and rapid manufacturing service provider for industrial applications, in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, pump and machinery manufacturing. Our capabilities include 3D scanning, 3D engineering, reverse engineering, casting mould design, 3D printing, and managed production and casting.

3Dealise turns ideas into 3D objects.

We design, engineer and produce solutions through application of innovative technologies such as printing and scanning.

The 3Dealise Advantage

Our services are distinguished from more traditional alternatives in the following ways:

  • Freedom of design - Printing of shapes that were not possible with traditional methods
  • Faster turnaround - Direct digital 3D printing avoids traditional production steps and manual interventions
  • Better accuracy and quality due to high resolution printing process without manual steps
  • Cost effective for prototypes and small series compared to traditional methods
  • Proximity to our target market, allowing faster and cheaper delivery
  • Deep expertise of the client’s (casting) processes, so we understand the problem

Our orders range from 3D printing a sand mould for a foundry in 24 hours, to complete engineering of a pump or engine followed by 3D printing and managed production in a few weeks.

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