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Industrial Water Hammer Arrestor

Industrial Water Hammer Arrestor

Water Hammer effect could damage or potentially put system at stop. To avoid such phenomenon, water hammer (back flow) prevention is essential for any pipeline systems. Elite Line Industrial is engaged in offering a highly durable range of L-Type Water Hammer Arrester Valve.

Our industrial water hammer arrestor is designed for industrial and heavy duty, high flow, large bore industrial, food or chemical processing applications where trained engineers utilize specialized tools to deal with technically challenging water hammer pressure waves or from pump fed water systems We have used quality approved raw materials and advanced techniques to manufacture water hammer arrestors.

Industrial water hammer arrestor is available in specified size range to clients. Airbag principle design Water Hammer Arrester, reduces the vibration by buffering exceed pressure in the pipeline. The Arrester will absorb water hammer directly, preventing possible damage and reduces noises.

Material of valve body: Cast Iron, Bronze & Stainless Steel

Sizes from 2” to 8” (Flange End)


  • High strength
  • Application specific structure
  • Withstand high pressure
  • Rust resistance

Major Accent:

The valve's flow-directing mechanism can guide flow and stabilize pressure.
Water hammer in the corner of pipe is obvious. Therefore, the design is to meet the requirement as well as set the arrester directly at the corner. This design is not only easy to set-up but also saves a lot of time, and can easily replace the traditional crooked head leading to reduction in the cost of setting up.

L style absorbs the water hammer effect in 2 ways and ensures excellent result.

Industrial water hammer arrestor Technical Details:

The test pressure of valve body:

Cast Iron and Bronze: 12kgf/cm2
Stainless steel: 35kgf/cm2
Diaphragm material: NBR
Applied temperature: -15° ~ 80°
Applied conditions: Fluid

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