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Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

We have a dedicated fluid dynamics team with extensive experience in both 1D and 3D simulation. With expertise in the fundamental mathematical modelling of fluid flow problems, including development of scripts and user routines, we offer a complete solution of ANSYS CFD software, practical training and consulting.   Fluid flow issues occur in all sectors of engineering and can range from simple laminar pipe flow to complex multi-phase phenomena involving turbulence, rotating components, conjugate heat transfer and chemical reactions.

As channel partners and specialist users for ANSYS CFD and Flownex, we have the flexibility to provide efficient fluid dynamics modelling solutions for all types and scale of equipment. This includes specialist strategies and software tools for Wind Microclimate Assessment and Thermal Management.

We supply the complete set of CFD tools from ANSYS, including the renowned FLUENT and CFX solvers, supported by standard and customised training programmes.

We also undertake a wide variety of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) consultancy and desktop study projects in most industries involving internal or external flows.

Jet Pump Analysis (Courtesy: Transvac Systems Limited)

To help engineers who use any CFD system or are tasked to review simulations undertaken by consultants or peers, we regularly run a concise 1 day Introduction Course on basic theory and applications. This provides an invaluable overview on what is behind the ‘black box’ of CFD software, how to interpret results and guidance on best practice.

Ensuring CAD geometry and meshing is appropriate to achieve the desired accuracy and computational efficiency is a vital stage of the CFD simulation process. With ANSYS SpaceClaim, we can prepare clients’ geometry quickly or help them create ‘CFD-ready’ models for themselves. The tetrahedral, polyhedral and hexahedral meshing capabilities available within ANSYS Workbench are ideal to ensure optimum refinement of the fluid dynamics model is achieved .

Meshing and analysis for infra-red curing process (Courtesy: Glasscoat International Ltd)

Complementary to our other software and services for the Chemical & Process and Oil & Gas industries, we have significant experience in helping operators and equipment manufacturers upscale operations and increase throughput, efficiency & reliability through adoption of CFD.

Flow simulation for bulk storage application

In addition to involvement in industrial mixing applications, our knowledge of modelling rotating equipment also extends to a range of turbomachinery applications, including centrifugal compressors and vertical/horizontal axis wind turbines within Renewable Energy.

Mixing simulation (Courtesy: Fillworth (UK) Ltd)

Many software and consulting projects have featured valves, from regular pressure-flow characterisation and derivation of loss coefficients to detailed erosion predictions involving particle tracking and standard & modified wear models.

Erosion study for pipe bend combining CFD with statistical analysis of particle wall collisions

We have refined a technique for accurately modelling valve closure dynamics, combining CFD with spreadsheets and equations of motion. Another innovative approach has been developed to efficiently simulate the actuation torque performance of ball valves under mainly incompressible flows.

CFD simulations undertaken to predict hydrodynamic forces characterise ball valve actuation torque as function of opening position (Courtesy: Halliburton)

Indeed, we often apply hybrid strategies to challenging fluid flow problems. Flownex 1D thermo-fluid simulation is used to assess the performance of fluid processes as an overall system while integrating ANSYS 3D CFD models for studying sub-assembly and component details.  

Combined 1D and 3D CFD analysis for system pressure and flow balancing (Courtesy: Halliburton)

We can also couple our fluid dynamics software with ANSYS structural capabilities for Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) analysis. Applications to date have included wind loading, valve performance and turbine blade dynamics.

Structural and fluid analysis of valve system showing vortex shedding (Courtesy: Score (Europe) Ltd)

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