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DRC-002 ACR LBS Controller

DRC-002 ACR LBS Controller

DRC-002 remote control is a GSM module for all brands of LBS (Load Break Switch) used by operators in Cambodia. It can be operated remotely via smartphone application and SCADA System (PC).


1. Control LBS via smartphone app (Android) or SCADA to rapidly convert existing manual switches to remote control operation + Single smartphone app is capable/configurable to control multiple DRC-002 devices. Ability to manually override controls in the event of an emergency is also available.

2. Real time alarm system settings for: Battery low alarm, switchgear off, source off (Using VT), door open alarm/notification.

3. Record &View data on: User operations, low battery status, switch gear on/off, source off/on, door status

4. GPS & Google Map Views of LBS via SCADA (PC) &Smartphone(Android) UI

5. Remote Control Capability functions via SCADA/Smartphone/Desktop PCs by using GSM/GPRS/Internet network + real time call controls. Anytime, anywhere 24/7 with ability

6.User management functions; Add/remove up to 15 users, retrieve user event logs

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