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ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH

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High Precision Dosing Dispensers

High Precision Dosing Dispensers

High precision dosing dispensers of ViscoTec (ViscoDuo-P 4/4) are designed for a significantly reduced space requirement in automation systems. These dosing dispensers are valveless, static, space saving mixing head with dispensers located directly in front of the mixer. The optimal design of the high precision dosing dispensers allows for a compact system design in dosing stations with smaller dosing cell sizes - the space requirement at production areas can thus be used efficiently. These high precision dosing dispensers are especially developed for easy cleaning and maintenance. No valves are required. The components to be mixed are dosed by volume only and with no dead space into the static mixer.

Advantages of dosing dispensers:

  • Simple programming of volume and dosing speed
  • Processing of viscous materials unfilled or very high filled
  • Adjustment of the preferred mixing ratio by adjusting the speed ratio of both dispensers
  • Reverse-flow is possible (no dripping or stringing of product)
  • Low supply pressure is required for material feeding.
  • Integrated sensors in each component (no dead space) for online process monitoring
  • Constant dosing volume, even with density or viscosity changes


These dosing dispensers are suitable for 2 component adhesive systems based on: epoxy resin (EP), polyurethane (PU), silicone (Si), polyester resin (UP)

They are used for mixing of two colors and other two-component fluids and pastes.

Static mixing of two components of same or different viscosities is possible.

Potting, dot application or bead applications are possible.

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