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Valtec Umisa

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Conventional firetube steam boiler SMS

Conventional firetube steam boiler SMS

SMS steam boiler is three-pass fire-tube steam boilers of gases and with a single combustion furnace, centred with the SMS. Their position is horizontal and fixed and they are designed to burn combustible liquids or gases.

The steam production offered in this range goes from 4 t/h to 25 t/h for the SMS model and 1 t/h to 25 t/h for the CMS model.

Our steam boilers are delivered and fitted with all accessories, on a support chassis made of girders, ready to start up after connection to steam, water, fuel and electricity.

Main features

  • A design of its energy requirements and room in the client’s premises is available.

  • Optimization in the thermodynamic design with a guaranteed return of around 90%.

  • Modern manufacturing methods performed by highly qualified personnel and backed by years of industry experience.

  • Application of strict quality controls at all stages of project development in accordance with the implemented Quality System Management ISO 9000.

  • Final assessment by a Notified Body for “CE” marking of the steam boiler, according to European Directive DEP2014/68/UE for pressure equipment.

  • Minimum maintenance work once installed.

  • Optimal design of combustion furnace for low levels of pollutants (nitrogen oxides and CO) meeting all important European standards.

  • Optimal dimensional layout of the fume steps achieving balanced fume flow speeds and therefore high efficiency.

  • Completely water-cooled fume reversal chamber with no refractory material contributing in the heat exchange.

  • Properly sized steam chamber and vaporization plane to avoid the supply of humid steam.

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