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Plate Bending Machine URM-4 Line

Plate Bending Machine URM-4 Line


URH-4 and URM-4 Plate Bending Machines are very suitable for light plates, aluminum or stainless steel bending. Ferrules in full circle or varying radiuses can be done easily on this machines. Our URH-4 and URM-4 type machines are the most economical four roll plate bending machines. The URH-4 machines are Cassette type special system designed models for elliptic or round shapes in mass production as low as 20 sec. cycle time.

Standard Accessories:

  • Roll and lateral rolls move with hydraulic piston through cassette type frame in URH-4 models

  • Pinch roll and lateral rolls move with screw jacks in URM-4 models in linear way

  • Overload protection

  • Top roll is powered by planetary gearbox. Bottom and side rolls free

  • Easy operation with mobile control panel

  • Welded steel frames

  • Conical bending device (URM-4)

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