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Collaborative Robots

Collaborative Robots

Accelerate Automation with Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots (cobots) are low-cost, easy-to-deploy robots that work side-by-side with production workers to improve quality and efficiency.

Designed to work with people and automate repetitive and dangerous work – including machine tending, packaging and palletizing, assembly, material processing, screw and nut driving and more –cobots make the workplace safer and more productive.

Teradyne’s collaborative automation solutions company, Universal Robots (UR), brings safe, flexible and easy-to-use robots to businesses of every size, all over the world.

Automation for All

Collaborative robots give manufacturers access to all the benefits of advanced robotic automation, without the extra costs associated with traditional robots – difficult programming, long setup and shielded work cells. This makes automation accessible and affordable, even for small-batch production runs and mixed product assembly.

Benefits of Collaborative Robots

Improved WorkforceCobots automate and streamline repetitive processes, so staff can be assigned to jobs that provide them with new challenges. By automating highly-repetitive tasks, cobots give your team more time to think critically, innovate and make better use of existing resources. The result – better performance, and more importantly, higher levels of satisfaction and employee retention.

Fast ROICost effective, easy-to-deploy and flexible, cobots offer manufacturers a fast path to automation. Cobots are deployed globally every day, without specialized programming, coding or large capital investments, yielding a shorter payback period and higher ROI.

Increased SafetyCobots reduce workplace injuries and alleviate the heavy financial and operational toll placed on manufacturers. Implementation shifts workers away from dirty and dangerous jobs, offering protection in applications unattainable by traditional robots and production equipment.

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