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Mist Cleaner & Oil Mist Cleaner

Mist Cleaner & Oil Mist Cleaner

Mist Cleaner & Oil Mist cleaner is used for collecting and condensing all oil mists.

The mist & oil mist is completely condensed and processed, and the filter is re-used for semi-perpetual use.

  • Rotational axis part precision balancing
  • Use of dust proof rubber and dust proof pad
  • Easy to install and motor is water-proof
  • Optimization of absorption and release power
  • Optimal collection efficiency
  • Possible to re-use after air cleaning and convenient internal washing
  • Filter life is semi-perpetual and filter price is affordable

Expected Effect

  • Health protection of workers (Occupational disease)
  • Maintain clean condition in plant (Prevention of safety accident)
  • Productivity improvement (Enhancement of work spirit)
  • Cost savings (No need of duct facilities)


CNC Lathe, Machining Center, Tapping Machine, Milling Machine, Automatic Lathe, Homing Machine, EDM, Etc Machine that occur mist

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