Sungjae Industry & Technology Co., Ltd.

Sungjae Industry & Technology Co., Ltd.

Gurojungang-ro 197, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea



Our product portfolio includes various Filter items such as Bag Filter, Cartridge Filter, Ulpa Filter, HEPA Filter, Mesh Suction Filter, Medium Filter, Ceramic Filter, Pre-filter, Activated Carbon, Ceramic Filter, Oil Filter, Compressor Air Filter, Mesh Filter, and  Basket Strainer.

Application Field

. For Dust Removal, For Air Conditioning, For Hydraulic and Pneumatic

. For Water Pollution Prevention, For Garbage Incineration Plant

Filter Materials

. Polyester, Polypropylene, Nomex Fabric, Teflon, Tefaire, Ryton Fiber

. Fiber Glass Woven, Micro Glass Fiber, Activated Carbon Grain

. PTFE coating or PTFE membrane

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