SUESA ( Subconjuntos Electrónicos SA)

SUESA ( Subconjuntos Electrónicos SA)

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Voltage transformers

Voltage transformers

Voltage transformers is a device that is used to convert, change or adjust the voltages with which it is fed in its primary winding to other lower values ​​of output voltage in its secondary winding.

Depending on their applications, they can be low voltage transformers, they are used to reduce the voltage of the power supplies or for safety functions.

Measuring and protection transformers, used to reduce the voltage or current levels to be measured with conventional voltmeters and ammeters or to protect against excess current or voltage.

There are two types of protection transformers:

Voltage transformers

Current transformers

Transformers elevators / reducers of tension:

They can change the magnitude of the alternating voltage (the current does not match the power), increasing or decreasing it. It is usually used in electrical and electronic systems, such as household appliances and computers. Therefore, they are used to adapt the voltages to those of use.

Variable transformers:

Variable transformers take a fixed voltage line and provide a variable (but adjustable) voltage output.

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