Pinch Solenoid Valves

The operating principles of pinch solenoid valves are basically different from other series. The pinching device in pinch solenoid valves is moved by a solenoid operator and cuts off the fluid by pinching or releasing tubing in soft silicon (or other soft material). The fluid can flow in either direction with a high rate of flow, without turbulences and without dead spaces.
Thus, pinch solenoid valves can control all the fluids that are compatible with the tubing material, protecting them from all contamination, including temperature changes. These characteristics, plus the fact that the tubing are extremely easy to install and replace, make pinch solenoid valve suitable for a wide variety of applications particularly the control of physiological, medical and food fluids.
Also for these series of pinch solenoid valves 2/2 or 3/2 version are available plus miniaturised and latching models. All models of pinch solenoid valves are silenced.

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