Analogue Meters

Sifam:- Specializes in the designing and manufacturing of analogue meters

All Sifam meters have moving coil movements and are generally available for use on AC or DC as ammeters, milliammeters and voltmeters. All models incorporate taut band movements offering sensitivity as low as 50µA conforming to BS89, EN 60051 and IEC 60051. Most can be optimized to individual preferences with a range of options to include supply type, signal input values, bezel style and more. If you are not familiar with the Sifam range of meters our Meter Selector can assist in choosing the meter best suited for its purpose. The Meter Selector presents multiple options that filter your preferences to offer the most appropriate meter for your application. If styling is critical, just click on the image of your choice to discover its suitability for your project.

Tinsley: - Tinsley provides a wide range of products that range from transformer testers to submarine cable equipment.

Tinsley Precision Instruments is a leading provider of equipment for survey, location and fault finding of submarine and buried cables supporting the increasing demand for efficient subsea cable maintenance. We provide the tools to locate and identify damage to fibre optic, telephone and power cable systems to ensure that repairs can be performed in a timely manner, maximising the return on your cable system investment.

We offer complete end to end solutions, including equipment for use on board ships for the detection of submarine cables buried or laid on the sea bed and also identifying different faults such as fibre faults, shunt faults and complete breaks. Our portfolio also includes submarine cable survey and tracking systems, devices that aid locating and identifying telephone cables, cable survey systems designed for use by divers working in areas where it may not be practical to use an R.O.V. and several portable devices including those used onshore to identify cables on the beach. Supporting are extensive range of submarine cable testing equipment, Tinsley provides calibration, service and repair services together with technical support and advice from our in-house experts.

Other Products

Multifunction Meters

Portable Short Haul Submarine Cable Test Set 5910

Electroding Generator Model 5915

Electroding Detector Model 5916

Beach Probe & Battery Powered Portable Electroding Detectors

Cable Termination Unit Type 5941