Valve Components

Fluorten is renowned manufacturer of valve components such as seals, seats, spring energized and gland packing in PTFE and HPP - High Performance Polymers. These industrial valve components are capable to satisfy engineering demand like for instance temperatures from cryogenic (-196°C) to 288 °C and, for short periods, up to 482 °C.

Thanks to the partnerships with most important worldwide producers of polymers, Fluorten can provide high quality engineering customized parts manufactured in pure and filled PTFE , modified PTFE (Dyneon™ TFM™), HPP - High Performance Polymers - like VICTREX®PEEK, DuPot™Vespel®, PCTFE, PA 6.12 and more on demand.

Other Products

Bearing & Washers for Ball and Butterfly Valves

rubber Orings

Spring Energized Seals

High Performance Polymers Tubes & Sleeves