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Ramén Ball Sector Basis weight control valve

Ramén Ball Sector Basis weight control valve

Ramén KS- Basis Weight

– Soft seated control valve, DN 50 – DN 300

Basis weight control valve is a critical part in a paper machine operation controlling the the consistency of the pulp into the Head Box which dictates the paper weight and quality at the end of the process. Read more …

To meet customers’ specification, Ramén offers a reliable and highly accurate control solution which is a customized KS-type valve in material execution 1A with a special ball-shaft connection to avoid backlash, suitable for the basis weight application. The high resolution controllability is enhanced by Oden backlash-free electric actuator with stepper motor controlled by a microprocessor.

Valve features and benefits:

  • Compact, low weight and robust design

  • High control rangeability (300:1)

  • Enhanced control accuracy with minimum backlash

  • Equal percentage characteristic

  • Low torque operation

  • Self-drained with no hidden cavities and no clogging

  • Low maintenance and long lifetime

Actuator features:

  • Backlash free with control precision of 5.000 steps in 90° valve travel

  • Adjustable running time and acceleration

  • Compact design with hand wheel or key for manual operation

  • Built-in feedback positioning on the main shaft with high accuracy

  • Duty cycle 100%

  • No need for additional control box or cabinet

  • Programmable with Oden Valve Program (OVP)

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