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Pro Gears K and R series

Pro Gears K and R series


Pro-Gear’s “K” and “R” series are designed for the operation of multiple turn valves and dampers and are sealed according to IP68. All models are manufactured with cast iron housing components, and, as per our standard, all models feature high performance axial bearings, a stainless steel input shaft and a polyurethane coating. Additionally, the “K” and “R” series both fully conform to AWWA specifications.


The Pro-Gear “K” and “R” series are bevel gearboxes and spur gearboxes with totally enclosed spindles and gearing and are sealed according to IP68. All models feature a polyurethane coated finish, high performance axial bearings and stainless steel input shaft. The bronze drive sleeve is easily removable for machining, enabling customisation to suit the valve stem. For all manually operated gate, globe, knife gate valves and isolation dampers in industries such as HVAC, Power, Chemical and Water & Waste, Pro-Gear’s “K” and “R” range provide a very suitable and reliable solution. As an option, Pro-Gear can offer clients output flanges according ISO standards for motorisation.


  • Bevel Gearboxes
  • Spur Gearboxes
  • Ductile Iron housing
  • Hardened steel gearing
  • Output torque up to 2.000 Nm
  • IP 68 enclosure
  • Stainless Steel input shaft
  • Axial bearings on top and bottom of drive sleeve
  • Extra large drive sleeve
  • Polyurethane coating


  • 7 Models (4 models K type, 3 models R type)
  • Up to 2.000 Nm. (17.600 Torque range
  • Up to 32.000 daN (70.400 lb) Thrust range
  • 360° stroke
  • IP68 sealing
  • -25 °C to +110 °C (-13 °F to +230 °F) temperature range

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