Pars Automation

Pars Automation

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VFD-E Series AC Drives

VFD-E Series AC Drives

This model is a small model with specific capabilities. For example, along with the main CPU drive, there is an internal PLC that can be programmed into a ladder language (like other Delta PLCs), as well as network cards Like USB and CAN support.


  • It has an internal PLC with the Ladder programming language and a connection to the WPL software

  • It can be installed side by side ( SIDE BY SIDE ) at a temperature below C 40

  • Easy maintenance and modular and beautiful design

  • It has an internal RS-485 port under the Modbus protocol

  • Connectivity to various canopen, profibus, devicenet and fieldbus networks .

  • Various expansion card types for diverse applications such as I / O cards and USB cards

  • Compliant with RoHS

  • Built- in EMI filter and DC shared bus


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