Robotics System Integrators M3D

PAL Robotics introduces its M3D module, a highly integrated automation processes and complex systems solution. This doll contains 3 surface with electronics, engines and gearboxes integrated with the ability to control additional external DOF. Only input power and communication, this doll stands out for its simplicity, ease of working and easy to integrate into other mechanisms. Here are the main features of the M3D.

Main Features of M3D - 3 DoF Module

  • 3 DoF integrated
  • Power and control electronics fully integrated
  • Wide range of movement for each DoF
  • Possibility of motor and reducer customization
  • Motor and absolute encoders for each DoF
  • Customizable PID for Position and Velocity
  • Low power consumption
  • Excellent ratio between torques and weight
  • Protection for over-temperature, under-voltage, over-voltage and over-current
  • Possibility to integrate an extra motor (with correspondent digital encoders)
  • Possibility to connect different end-effectors
  • CAN Bus for communication
  • Optional CAN open compatible

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