Company : OP Srl

Category : Test and Measurement

Crimping Machine S500ES

Among the many new equipments launch in 2014, OP is proud to introduce two new models of crimping machines, both conceived for operating of hoses provided with particularly cumbersome flanges in terms of dimensions and section. We are talking of Tubomatic S220ES (6”) and Tubomatic S500ES (12”).

The two machines are characterised by the considerable overall opening of the head - such to facilitate the feeding of the most voluminous flanges - and by the low positioning of the work centre which facilitates the handling of the large diameter hoses thus reducing the difficulties for the operator.

Provided with an 830 ton pressing force, Tubomatic S550ES allows the assembly of industrial hoses up to a maximum of 12" and hydraulic hoses up to 3" six spirals.

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