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Met-Track Rigid Rail Fall Arrest Systems

Met-Track Rigid Rail Fall Arrest Systems


A fall arrest system enables workers complete freedom of movement to carry their work whilst at height, whilst also allowing workers to effect a self-rescue or be rescued in the event of a fall.

The Met-Track® Rigid Rail system comprises a permanently installed rigid anchorage rail and free running anchorage connectors housed within the enclosed profile. Available in either standard or reinforced configurations Met-Track® can be used for up to 8 users with supports of up to 12m.

The Met-Track® Rigid Rail Fall Arrest System offers many advantages over traditional wire based systems, one of which is that in the event of the fall the profile will not stretch, unlike its wire alternative. This minimises the fall distance which in turn further reduces the likelihood of injury from a fall. These are important factors that must be considered when selecting fall arrest systems.

Unlike wire systems the Met-Track® Fall Arrest system can be configured for self-rescue, accompanied descent or remote rescue arrangements.

A further benefit of the Met-Track® Rigid Rail systems is the ability to have a multiple rail configuration, allowing users the ability to pass one another whilst carry out work. Traditional system prevent this cross over which reduces the efficiency of carrying out the required task meaning the users may spend more time waiting for other operators to complete their work.

Utilising the correct design layout, Met-Track® offers safe access to high level work areas that would normally be classed as high risk. As a preference Met-Track® should be installed in a fall restraint configuration to minimise the possibility of a fall. In circumstances that do not allow for fall restraint Met-Track® can be installed to provide workers with the ultimate fall arrest protection.

For Architectural applications the Met-Tracks can be incorporated into the structural design allowing it to be concealed within areas such as the eaves of a building, ensuring that the overall aesthetics are intact.

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