Metallographic Grinding and Polishing Machines

Our Metallographic grinding & polishing machines, DIGIPREP Accura comprises of dual columns for applications requiring extremely flat specimen surfaces.

This high end grinding and polishing system is suitable for 250mm and 300 mm applications. It is motorized positioning of the Head in vertical (Z) and horizontal (X) axes with memory function.


  • Capability to store and recall preparation programs on the LCD screen.
  • Efficient control of consumable consumption by integrated Peristaltic Dispensing Unit.
  • Transparent cover for improved safety and working area
  • Contains advanced techniques and software with programmable coloured HMI touch screen controls


  • The working wheel is powered by a high torque 1,5 HP electric motor.
  • The state of the art frequency converter allows smooth speed variation (50-600 rpm) of the grinding wheel with soft start and soft stop.
  • The specimen holder is equipped with variable speed 50-150 rpm as well.

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