Metallographic Cutting Machine

SERVOCUT 301 is an advanced metallographic cutting machine, which is used to cut diverse materials. Metkon’s automatic metallographic abrasive cutter machine is fully automatic and is programmable with coloured HMI touch screen controls.

Features of Automatic Abrasive Cutting Machine: (SERVOCUT 301):

  • Automatic control of cutting parameters
  • X-Y-Z three axes cutting capability
  • Prevailing with spacious cutting chamber
  • Chop cutting and Table-feed cutting combined with pulse cutting
  • Optional cutting methods for hard and difficult work pieces; StepCut, SegmentCut, DiagonalCut
  • Multi-slice automatic serial cutting of plane parallel sections


The major advantage of using SERVOCUT 301 is, combining different cutting techniques and methods into the same machine is possible. This combination helps to obtain superior cut surfaces for various heavy duty cutting applications.

This metallographic cutting machine has the highest safety standards.

HMI Control touch screen controls help to enhance the productivity, sample consistency and operator comfort.

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