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MESLCD6 Resettable Total Positive Displacement Flowmeters

MESLCD6 Resettable Total Positive Displacement Flowmeters


  • LCD display head with a resetable total in Litres (optionally to 1 or 2 decimal places for 20mm models, & optionally to 1 decimal place for 25mm models).

  • Nutating wobble disc measurement chamber.

  • Small impurities can pass chamber without jamming.

  • Low hydraulic thrust minimises wear.

  • Sealed IP65 digital display capsule.

  • Wide impact resistant glass lens for easy cleaning and quick reading.

  • Internal 5-10 year long-life Lithium battery.

  • 1.5 % accuracy curve, with 0.2% repeatability.

  • Conforms to AS3565-1988, designed to meet AS3901.

  • Calibration certificate supplied.

  • Simple upgrade to high resolution pulse counter for future automatic batching applications.

The MESLCD5 series magnetically-coupled positive-displacement flowmeters incorporate an LCD resetable display counter, powered by an internal long life (5-10 year) Lithium battery. With low to high flowrange performance, the meters are suitable for a wide range of batching and measurement applications for water and water-based chemicals.

They are ideal in situations where there is no external power supply available, making them totally portable flowmeters. The nutating disc measurement chamber used provides high reliability and accuracy for measurement of liquids with varying specific gravities, and can pass small impurities without blockage to the measuring chamber.

The digital LCD display head is fully self contained, with a wide impact-resistant flat glass lens for easy cleaning and quick reading. The display head couples to the main meter body by a bayonet turn-and-lock fitting action. The display can be refitted to four viewing positions.

To operate, lift the hinged lid. The LCD display digits turn on and are automatically zeroed and ready for measurement.The display counts in single Litres up to 99999 (for sizes >20mm) or up to 9999 (for 20mm). The decimal point versions count either to 9999.9 Litres (1 decimal place version) or 999.99 Litres (2 decimal place version). Closing the lid resets digits and turns off battery power.

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