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Vertical Turning Centre RAL

Vertical Turning Center RAL majorly focuses on general turning needs of everyday shops. They are designed with octagonal ram and hydrostatic table; the RAL vertical lathe can handle deep cuts. Our vertical turning center RAL also enjoys a good clearance for internal boring.  Upon adding the C axis function, the vertical turning center RAL is capable of milling, drilling, and tapping on a workpiece right after turning. The movable cross rail provides flexible high and low profile setup. Optimal radial tooling is available for horizontal jobs.

CROSS BEARING TABLE: Dual system of floating hydraulic and taper rollers for axial and radial cutting force.

OCTAGONAL RAM: The octagonal ram has the strength to handle heavy turning jobs and a better clearance to reach internal bore holes.

CROSSRAIL: 15°slant bed designed for RAL-16 and RAL-20. Hardened to 56 degrees rockwell precision ground, hand scraped box guide way.

LIVE TOOLING C AXIS: Available to mill, drill, and tap in a single setup greatly reduce the second machining process.

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