Lorom Cable & System Design

Lorom Cable & System Design

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Small Form Factor Pluggable Plus – 10Gbps Interconnect System

LOROM’s unique product offering of precision external SFP+ cable assembly solutions, provide a complete product platform addressing the ever increasing demand for higher channel density with a high level of signal integrity performance in serial I/O interfaces.

The SFP+ cable assembly product platform provides a cost-effective, high speed solution that meets and exceeds the bandwidth requirements of current and future applications in servers and external storage systems.

This unique product offering exceeds the performance requirements specified in 10 Gigabit-Ethernet, 8 G Fibre Channel, 10 G Fibre Channel, emerging higher speed protocols such as 16 G Fibre Channel as well as meeting industry standards SFF-8431, SFF-8432 and SFF-8461 specifications.

E-MAXX® Future Cable Technology

LOROM SFP+ Cable Assemblies Comprise® Bulk Cable Providing the Highest Level of Signal Integrity Performance.

insertion loss due to our unique skin-foam-skin, gas-injected dielectric technology as well as extreme control of balanced/unbalanced (Mode conversion), providing significant performance advantages in increased system head-room/budget, as well as ease of cable management and smaller packaging densities.

The cable assemblies employ new innovative PCB technology designed specifically to address the complex issues of optimising signal integrity performance. In particular, cross talk as well aslaunch condition between wire and PCB termination to optimise return loss and prevent/minimize “ringing” effects.

Our highly automated, controlled cable assembly manufacturing processes using the world’s first automatic soldering process, optimises the critical termination between wire and PCB, improving overall performance and removing the human element.

Test and quality systems assure high-quality cable assemblies, conforming to the high-speed electrical performance requirements in industry specifications.

Excellence of mechanical design exceeds the stringent mechanical interface requirements as defined by applicable industry standards.

SFP+ Passive Equalised

A cost effective alternative to yield longer cable length

  • Copper cable is inherently a low-pass filter – Signal degradation
  • Equalisation is needed to mitigate
  • Rise Time Degradation
  • Inter-Symbol Interference (ISI)
  • Collapse of the eye-diagram
  • Deterministic Jitter
  • LOROM’s equaliser provides an inverse channel response
  • LOROM’s passive discrete custom equaliser presents a transparent impedance termination on both sides of the filter – R/L/C filter impedance at the cable receiver paddle-card offers a purely resistive input and output impedance that matches the characteristic impedance of differential lines at all frequencies
  • Green Solution – No extra power is required

Technical Data


  • Shells: die-cast zinc–nickel-plated
  • PCB: proprietary material laminate with gold-plated contact pads
  • Raw cable: 2 individually shielded differential pair cables
  • 65 dB coupling attenuation 10MHz to 3 GHz 360° fully shielded EMI shield
  • Jacket: PVC & LSOH [low smoke zero-halogen] CL2 or AWM style
  • Pull tab: nylon resin
  • Latch mechanism: nylon resin

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