Articulated painting robot

Painting robots built by Lesta Srl are sophisticated machines as well as very user-friendly equipment created for industrial painting applications.

Anthropomorphic robots are auto-learning programmable machines and/or point to point supplied with a modern control panel which is managed by new software LeCRob Robot Manager.

Auto-learning is the most efficient solution nowadays in industrial panting industry. During the programming stage the operator moves the machine’s arm (perfectly balanced, easy to move and light) and regulates spraying guns. All movements and control signs from the guns will be perfectly recorded and memorized by the robot control system.

During the production stage, the selected program will be repeated automatically by the robot, offering the possibility of complete or partial modification of the parameters.

LeBot A6: self-learning 6 axis Articulated painting robot (point-to-point software option, carousel, X-XY-XYZ carriage, bridge crane)

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